Quality means doing it right when no one is looking
Henry Ford

Company Profile

BERODE GmbH, located in Cologne, was founded in 2001 by Achim Roesner.

His idea: combining consulting services with engineering services in one company to design cost efficient products by technically sophisticated product concepts and production processes.

While the focus was on defence and security technologies in the beginning, today all constructing and producing companies belong to the clientele of BERODE. As a matter of course we use the same standards in trust and security as we do in the defence sector. Reducing the vertical integration of companies and therefore increasing the purchase volume led to new challenges: Besides technical state of the art competence also intelligent solutions in purchasing become more and more important.

With the multidisciplinary approach and the creativity of the team, BERODE develops concepts which are easy comprehensible and offer exceptional solutions. Not just words and powerpoint slides, we provide sustainable and visible results. Our concept of implementation and value creation even comprises an own shop floor for prototypes and small batches.

The success is impressive. BERODE realized with its more than 20 employees over one billion euro income relevant savings for its clients.