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Cost Estimating & Pricing

Details, a proven concept that leads to success

Transparency within your product cost is the key to success. Whether you are identifying cost targets, running an efficient development process, optimizing your product cost or negotiating your purchase prices - no matter what you do, most important is a detailed understanding of the product cost break-down.

What is the point in having ambitious cost objectives once we do not have the transparency of our initial situation? We will not be able to evaluate, if these objectives are realistic or not, or even which approach to take in order to reach them. For this reason, Cost Estimating supports our work of product cost optimization along the entire value chain.

In order to set up cost break downs and cost benchmarks, an extensive knowledge of industrial engineering, investment of machines & equipment, cycle times, material prices, personnel cost, overhead cost structure as well as a detailed understanding of managerial accounting is required. All of this combined with years of experience enables BERODE to work in Cost Estimating.


  • Product cost analysis
  • Procurement cost analysis
  • Tear-down studies and cost benchmarks
  • Software package for cost analysis BeCoM by BERODE


  • Creation of cost transparency during the development process
  • Price targets for procurement
  • Cost transparency for value analysis and value engineering
  • Cost benchmarks for competitor comparison

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