Quality means doing it right when no one is looking
Henry Ford

Our promised performance

We are experienced experts

BERODE trusts in technical expertise and extensive industry knowledge, innovative strength and inspiration. We use our creative potential and extensive experience. Our consultants are industry experienced engineers, scientists. Always being aware of what is feasible and can be turned into efficient solutions.

We work in an indisciplinary structure

By the interdisciplinary approach and the associated creativity of the consulting teams we develop innovative concepts and implement them strongly. This brings new product ideas which often lead to profitable business.

We know the entire Value Chain

Our consultants have a detailed understanding for the entire Value Chain – from product design through procurement up to production.

We bring the added value for our clients

In 17 years since the foundation of BERODE, product and process cost were reduced significantly. Over one billion euro income relevant savings could be realized.

We work with our clients

From the beginning we integrate all experts of our clients into the consulting process – as source of knowledge, multiplier and contributor. This culture of cooperation minimizes the processing time of a project and improves the likelihood of a successful implementation.

We have our own shop floor

Beyond our regular consultant business, BERODE manufactures and assembles prototypes and small product batches.

We use professional tools

Since foundation BERODE focuses on “product cost analysis”. We developed our own software package for product cost calculation which is in daily use at our clients.