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Prototyping & Fabrication

Speed and flexibility, quality and cost – these are the key factors for a successful prototype and small batch size production. Different players in a new supply chain, inadequate knowledge of the requirements of products and components, drawings that are not ready for manufacturing and assembly, undefined communication processes and lack of knowledge of the required components and product quality – these factors are the challenging drivers when introducing new products in the market. Nevertheless, you have to meet time to market deadlines, cost targets as well as a defined product quality. Especially large companies do have an issue with fabricating prototypes and small batches as their structures are set up based on efficiently handling high volume production.

BERODE is focused on efficiently handling this type of fabrication. Even in this stage you can benefit from our holistic approach across the entire Value Chain – our Value Chain Management. Prototyping, preparation for serial production, batch production: we coordinate the whole Value Chain for you – from engineering to production up to controlling the suppliers.


  • Manufacturing and release of prototypes
  • Delivery and approval of systems
  • Cost optimization within serial production
  • Delivery of small batch sizes of parts, subunits and systems
  • Organization and processing in compliance to time, quality and cost targets
  • Supplier audit and supplier development
  • Series start-up-management
  • Implementation of quality management
  • Quality inspection according to military specifications (e.g. requirements of German Federal Office of Defense Technology and Procurement (BWB))


  • Cost efficient manufacturing of prototypes and small batches
  • Reducing procurement cost by qualified and tested supplier base
  • Optimization of process cost by efficient project management
  • Availability of additional resources in procurement, quality management, logistics, engineering, cost analysis, project management

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