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Value Engineering

A concept to improve your bottom line

During the concept and engineering phase up to 65% of the entire product cost are determined. The success or failure of a product is set in this phase. However, very often the focus is on technical product requirements and time to market. Cost and profit targets are neglected.

This is our challenge. We manage to balance technical and quality requirements of a product on one hand and optimized product cost on the other hand.

How can these mostly opposing targets be merged?

Together we define target cost at the beginning of a development process. These cost are allocated to individual components and sub assemblies. Identified innovative product concepts have to meet these cost targets. From there on the detailed product design can start. Continuous cost controlling during the development phase ensures to stick to the cost targets. Cost-saving potential can be identified and implemented even for products already in serial production. The “Re-Design-to-cost” approach provides new impulses and encourages a structured process of implementation.

Do you want to utilize our experience in developing cost optimized products? You are looking for a partner with innovative ideas, a product engineer implementing new technologies within your products? Rigid company structures prevent product innovation? BERODE supports creating and implementing new cost optimized product concepts. You will benefit from our Value Engineering expertise as well from our holistic approach across the entire Value Chain – our Value Chain Management.


  • Quality Function Deployment and definition of Target Cost
  • Product Value Design and optimizing Product Cost
  • Tear-Down-Studies and Product Benchmarking
  • Optimization of product function and performance
  • Technology scouting
  • CAD Design and FEM simulations
  • Strategy and architecture of products
  • Platform strategy and component toolbox
  • Process management of innovation and development


  • Reduced product costs
  • Optimized weight balance
  • Customer friendly product functions
  • Efficient product concepts
  • Product leadership in technology
  • Well defined model and option strategy
  • Optimized development process landscape / concurrent engineering
  • Cost transparency during the entire development process

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