Don’t find fault, find a remedy
Henry Ford

Value Manufacturing

Income out of production and assembly

Next to income and cost structure, factors like flexibility, quality, delivery periods and the ability to offer customized adjustments become more and more important.

What does this mean for production and assembly?

A reduced level of vertical integration, shorter processing time, more and more diversity and stricter quality standards require a significant effort of coordination. The importance of lean production and assembly grows. Only excellent controlled supply chains can deliver efficient manufacturing processes.

Continuous optimization of material utilization, machine effectiveness and employee qualification is essential. Information and processes quality ensure that variability and flexibility are in line with cost, delivery time and product quality.

BERODE is specialized in coping with this challenge.

You will benefit not only from our expertise in manufacturing, factory design and quality management but also from our holistic approach across the entire Value chain – our Value Chain Management.

Jointly we will achieve it: Income out of production and assembly


  • Development of manufacturing strategies
  • Implementation and development of manufacturing organization (organizational structure)
  • Process Design and Process Optimization (operational structure)
  • Optimization of warehouse and logistics
  • Value Stream Analysis and Design
  • Lean Audits
  • Lean Management and Lean Production
  • Six Sigma and Quality Management
  • Production Planning and Controlling, Variety Management
  • Change Management
  • Working Capital Management


  • Identification and assessment of lean potential in production and assembly (Lean Audit)
  • Reducing manufacturing and assembly cost
  • Improvement of production and process quality
  • Improving process transparency
  • Value Design and Value Optimization of your processes and products
  • Professionalization of your fabrication (regarding strategy, effectivity, efficiency, qualification and compliance)
  • Optimizing Working Capital

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