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Value Procurement

Procurement as a source for additional profit

Lean price and cost structure of products are becoming more and more essential. In particular, in a world in which global competition and high pressure on innovation have a negative impact on margins. Concessions on price and delivery time can support sales activities but do not improve the overall profit situation!

How can we deal with this challenge?

Over the last years companies outsourced significant parts of their manufacturing scope. Procurement inherited a more and more important role in improving the financial result of the company.

The question comes up: Is procurement ready and positioned adequately to handle this new challenge? Does procurement have the required structure, qualifications and position in the company to handle the new responsibility?

BERODE is specialized in giving you professional and proven answers to these questions. You will benefit not only from our procurement expertise but also from our holistic approach across the entire Value chain – our Value Chain Management.

Jointly we will achieve it: Procurement as the new source for additional profit.


  • Implementation of purchasing potential analysis (Procurement Diagnostic)
  • Implementation of cost reduction initiatives
  • Development of procurement strategies
  • Optimizing of operational and organizational structure
  • Working Capital Management
  • Supplier Risk Management
  • Global Sourcing initiatives
  • Procurement controlling and reporting
  • Development of negotiation strategies
  • E-sourcing solutions
  • Optimization of warehouse and logistics
  • Interface Management and self-marketing
  • Compliance and process reliability


  • Identification and assessment of cost optimization potential in procurement
  • Reducing purchasing cost
  • Improvement of supplier and commodity group structure
  • Improving procurement process transparency
  • Enhancement of procurement (regarding strategy, effectivity, efficiency, qualification and compliance)
  • Optimizing working capital

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