Create your competitive advantage!

Together we develop new, cost-effective
and high quality product concepts
and guide you through the implementation process up to the start.

Result: Improved operating profit

  • On the road for our customers worldwide since 2001

  • Realized savings of over one billion euros

  • Experience from over 300 projects

  • From the concept via design up to the prototype

  • Integration of design, purchasing and production

Do you want to know if for your products
a significant cost reduction is possible?


Value Engineering

… offers the chance to optimize manufacturing costs already in the design phase…

Cost Estimating & Tear Down Studies

… brings transparency to product costs and therefore is the key to success…


… saves costs when components are available at short notice for testing…

Success stories

“Due to the many years of cooperation, BERODE has become an important partner for us.“

Rüdiger Mohr
(Head of Corporate Purchasing CLAAS KGAA)

“In addition, the many years of... professional competence of the BERODE employees was an important factor ...“

Ralf Frenz

“...of the BERODE consulting approach and especially its implementation.“

Dr. Claus Kaluza
(Senior Vice President Purchasing)

“In addition, the approach and new solution approaches to constructive tasks were taught in the project team and worked out together.“

Stefan Altmann
(Manager Konstruktion und Entwicklung)

“The scope of analysis and results has far exceeded our expectations.“

Ronald Hammacher
(Leiter Einkauf)

“...BERODE has succeeded extraordinarily well in taking our employees along and realising sustainable cost reductions in product design and purchasing.“

Dr. Ralf Giere


BERODE combines classical management consulting with broad engineering expertise. This makes us a unique partner when it comes to product, procurement or process cost optimisation.

Our promise

As experienced specialists, we promise you measurable added value, which we achieve through our interdisciplinary and holistic approach.

Our values

We are passionate, enthusiastic, reliable and quality-conscious and much more…

Our team

We are a colourful mixture of pragmatic engineers, technicians and economists with a hands-on mentality and a nice admin team.